The Water Cooler is designed to promote virtual networking in our community, assist in the development and maintenance of a healthy Entrepreneur Eco-System, and engage people with similar interests to discuss and promote new business development, education and entrepreneurship. The Water Cooler will assist in exposing the Suncoast Entrepreneur Eco-System to all participants and allow the community to make improvements and fast track ideas and methods.

The Water Cooler has two sections:

• Article Section will focus on the communities Successes, Opportunities, Lessons Learned, Victories as well as Evolving or Exponential Age trends in our market place (SOLVE). Articles are submitted by local entrepreneurs, leaders or experts in our community. These articles will focus on advance business knowledge through providing solutions, identifying evolving trends, and by spotlighting successful business startup techniques.

• Conversations and Questions Section: Have you ever just had a needed for quick response to a technical or business question and didn’t know who to reach out to in our community. In this section, people in our community will be able to submit questions, respond to articles, start conversations on business startup topics, and others in the community will provide advice, information or submit answers in response to questions. The question responses can be rated by community members.

Articles are submitted by local entrepreneurs, leaders or experts in our community. These articles will advance business knowledge through exposing solutions, evolving trends and through spotlighting business successful techniques.


Success, Opinions, Lessons, Victories and Evolving (SOLVE)

Conversation + Questions

Conversations and Questions can be used by anyone in the community. Questions, responses to articles and answers to questions will be posted for comment. The purpose is to receive real-time feedback on problems, vet ideas, get answers, generate discussion and respond to current issues. Also, this section will be used to request assistance or get a reference for a support resource. This feature will change over time into a service section designed to connect entrepreneurs with successful, personalized actions plans, digital tools and expert advice designed to support your unique business needs for a discounted entrepreneur fee.

If the conversation or discussion requires a variety of experts to response, attachments or additional detail information, use the MyStartUpSuncoast Facebook page as more people can join the conversation and additional details or information can be added or attached in the Facebook entries.

Here is how it works:

Ask a Question or Comment

Get Answers

Vote on the best answer

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