The purpose of this section is to identify Education in the Sarasota and Manatee area to advance or support entrepreneurs and business startups.  Unlike the Training tab, the Education references listed in this tab charge fees.


UF Partnerships with the Private, Academic and Public Sectors is designed to Deliver Real and Lasting Value

UF Innovation Station Sarasota County is the first physical extension of FLEXStation in Florida providing access to unique and high-value UF resources. Sarasota is uniquely positioned with an abundant and diverse creative class, a business and tech community with a wide range of advancements, a diverse and enhanced physical environment attractive to innovators, a breadth and depth of experienced leadership talent and an up-and-coming start-up community. The UF Innovation Station Sarasota County focuses on establishing and growing partnerships with the private, academic, and public sectors in the region with the focus set clearly on growing the region’s innovation economy.

The UF Innovation Station Sarasota County is establishing opportunities for students from K-12 and through college careers and ultimately infusion as industry and entrepreneurial innovation leaders in the region’s creative class. Working with public private and academic sector partners, the Innovation Station is implementing programs to provide life-changing opportunities for students at critical points in their career advancement and resources for companies to start and grow.

Consortium (C4) for Collaborative Education

State College of Florida, the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, New College of Florida and Ringling College of Art & Design will form consortium (entitled: C4) for collaborative education

Note: Eckerd College in St. Petersburg will participate in some aspects of the resource sharing, but not yet in the cross-registration of students for classes.

Dr. Laurey Stryker, former CEO of USFSM, was named manager of the Consortium of Colleges on the Creative Coast.  Four Colleges: State College of Florida College (SCF), New College, University of South Florida-Sarasota Manatee (USF-SM) and Ringling College of Art and Design (Ringling College) are forming a consortium called C4.

C4’s mission is to maximize the student and community benefits from our unique mix of colleges. The goal of C4 is to make Manatee-Sarasota an educational hub that responds to the local market and creates competitive opportunities for students and businesses while attracting entrepreneurs, individual and corporate supporters, and jobs to the region.

Mark Pritchett, President and CEO of GCCF said, “When the collective strength of these institutions’ faculty, programs and leadership is assembled and leveraged, our region has the resources of a major research university”. “This (C4) consortium has developed plans that we think can attract more quality students, provide a stronger workforce and help diversify our economy. This can be a real economic development ‘calling card’ for our region.”

State College of Florida – Business and Technology – Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship program prepares the student to open, manage and market their own small business. This program will also prepare the student to work as a manager in a small to medium business. The entrepreneurship program class descriptions and more information on classes can be found in the Business and Technology section of the State College of Florida web site. See the link below.

University of South Florida – Sarasota Manatee (USFSM)

Business Administration – College of Business – Master Degree

The program offers a Professional MBA in a 40 credit-hour program offered through USF Sarasota-Manatee’s College of Business. This program exposes students to a wide spectrum of business functions including accounting, finance, management, marketing, information systems and more. USFSM’s MBA program provides our students with several advantages. In the USF Sarasota-Manatee MBA program, you will be exposed to lectures, presentations, case discussions, debates, simulations, projects and more, all of which are designed to prepare you for your role as a future business leader.

Success in the business world depends upon being able examine a situation, identify the possibilities, analyze any possible outcomes, communicate recommendations and enact a plan of action. You will learn this process through your courses at USFSM. For more information on the school and the program schedule view the link below.

New College of Florida – The Honors College

New College’s missionNew College offers a liberal arts education of the highest quality in the context of a small, residential public honors college with a distinctive academic program which develops the student’s intellectual and personal potential as fully as possible; encourages the discovery of new knowledge and values while providing opportunities to acquire established knowledge and values; and fosters the individual’s effective relationship with society.

CHART YOUR OWN COURSE: Choose from nearly 40 majors (we call them areas of concentration) or design a multi-disciplinary or special area of concentration. Explore personal interests and achieve your educational goals through independent projects, group study and research projects on and off campus.

New College of Florida’s new Master in Data Science program is designed in collaboration with major companies that rely on data analytics (including, Voalte, MobileBits, Star2Star and many others). The program is rigorous, practical, and focused on preparing recent college graduates for work in data analysis for research and industry.  Students work on group software-based projects using real data from industry and research organizations with a final semester of paid internships at partner institutions. More information on the program can be found via the link below.

Ringling College of Art + Design

Business of Art and Design

Innovative careers call for creative leadership, and Ringling College Business of Art & Design majors are up to the task. In this program, designed to promote creative thinking and train the entrepreneurs and arts leaders of tomorrow, we will prepare you for the ever-increasing demands on creative problem solvers in today’s global market.

Today, more than 4.7 million Americans alone work in art-related businesses, and a staggering 97% of employers’ list creativity as an integral asset to their team. Learn how to put your entrepreneurial skills to work in a number of industries where creativity and business intersect.

Leadership in business, entrepreneurship, and creative media clubs such as Creation are available after school. Ringling’s Visual Studies major is all about entrepreneurship, crossing disciplines analyzing art and design critique and our Business of Art & Design major is all about the entrepreneurship of leading initiatives collaborating across disciplines. See more about the school via the link below.

Kelly Kirschner, vice president and dean of executive and continuing education at Eckerd College, said that (this C4 Program) could change in the future, especially through partnerships with Eckerd’s well-known marine science program and local research facilities such as Mote Marine.

Visit the Eckerd College website for more information

Eckerd College

Business of Art and Design

We inspire and empower individuals to improve the world through mastery of self and a lifetime of learning. Our students are guided on a four-year journey of discovery, with small classes, professor-mentors and a commitment to community service.