My Startup Suncoast is creating a startup ecosystem to support quick starts, centralize information about the location of centers, education, jobs, events, and improve information sharing within the startup communities.

Our goal is to partner with other local organizations to create a visible Suncoast Startup Eco-System and provide entrepreneurs the resources and connections they need to succeed.

Jean Cannon

I have global technology and consulting work experience and an MBA with a concentration in Information Management Services. After leaving IBM, my efforts have shifted to creating living wage job opportunities in my community through mentoring, technical consulting and database projects for business startups.

My belief is for our communities to continue to thrive, grow and keep our graduates here after graduation; we need an ability to create living wage jobs. Big box stores and tradition large corporate work are not the answer for living wage jobs in our area. Opportunities today, to increase growth and create jobs with living-wages, will come from Exponential Age work, such as software, technology, bio-tech innovations, etc. and this work will include new companies coming from entrepreneurs and startups.

Communities like Silicon Valley and Boston’s Route 128 have learned how to build and grow entrepreneur communities. Primarily, they leverage their experience, supportive learning cultures, and are located close to or in college towns.This coupled with their lean successful business practices and government, business and capital support resources has created a successful strategies for business startups.This makes these communities’ job engines.

It is my belief, we can do this as well. To do this, we need to engage in creating a visible entrepreneurial culture. We have the natural resources; College Towns, experienced business, educational and local government leaders, finance and capital capabilities, and a supportive culture. Why not?

First steps in building an entrepreneur ecosystem, are to take inventory, exchange ideas, build collaborative models, share experiments and learn from our lessons. Though these actions and leverage our resources, we can create and shared knowledge base that everyone in our community can take advantage of and use to build our communities’ job engine for the future of work.